Why  Suriny fits in your kitchen too

Whether you're making hot dishes or cold sauces: Suriny always serves every chef!

This 100% vegetable oil, refined from Thai Jasmine rice, can be used for deep-frying, stir frying, baking, roasting and bbqing. But a dash of rice oil is also the perfect start for a vinaigrette, a marinade, a mayonnaise. Even more so because of its neutral taste, this light oil can serve perfectly as a carrier for all your herbal oils and infusions. Even use it in your desserts as a substitute for butter, coconut oil or other fats. Suriny's gentle flavor allows the ingredients in your dishes to retain their natural flavor. This oil has a neutral scent and a slight nutty flavor. It is the ideal medium to bring out all the flavors. In frying, baking, roasting and marinating, less oil sticks to your vegetables, meat or fish because it is very fluid. Therefore you also need less oil in your preparations. Moreover, the smoke point is above 215 ° C: this means less greasy smoke and smell in your kitchen!

Where else to use Suriny

Other uses:
Did you know that rice bran oil contains high values of antioxidants such as vitamin E and specifically Gamma-Oryzanol?  Antioxidants help protect the body's cells from harmful free radicals.

Suriny ricebran oil helps your health, not only from the inside, but also as part of the daily care routine: it has a good application in care and wellness products as a natural ingredient.
Suriny ricebran oil is an ideal carrier and massage oil: you can enrich it with a few drops of essential oil and use it slightly warmed for a wonderfully relaxing massage.
Also suitable for other applications such as cosmetics ( creams, soaps, hair oil and as a massage oil: pure or as a carrier oil enriched with essential oils or herbs).

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